is committed to the protection of people, asset and environment. To ensure that its business and operation unit are not exposed to unwanted / unacceptable occupational health, safety and environmental impact while performing the daily business activities, TRIS KRAFTSTOFFHANDEL SDN BHD shall therefore:

  • Comply with HSE requirements, guidelines and adopt industry best practices.

  • Implement effective risk control measures.

  • Provide competence workforce and ensure adequate resources towards all HSE aspects in our daily operations.

  • Minimize negative impact to the environmental.

  • Promote high level of HSE culture and leadership and ensure engagement at all levels.

  • Establish effective crisis management and business disruption in a timely manner.

TRIS KRAFTSTOFFHANDEL SDN BHD HSE policy shall apply throughout its operations and requires all of its employees and contractors to strictly adhere to this policy at all times to protect the health and safety of everybody, reduce the risk of damage or losses to the asset and ensure the protection of our environment.